Gutter Vac FAQs

Frequenty Asked Questions

Below are a series of frequently asked questions about our gutter cleaning service.

How long does it take to clean my gutters?
This depends on the size of your property but most are completed in around 2 hours.
How often do I need to get my gutters cleaner?
This really depends on the type of property and your location and the type of environment you live in. Generally it’s a good idea to get your gutters inspected and cleaned on an annual basis but in some cases it may be necessary to have them maintained in the Spring and the Autumn.
How much will it cost to get my gutters cleaned?
We offer very competitive pricing. The price will depend largely on the size of your property and the amount of guttering you have. Please give us a call for a free quotation. Our quotations are accurate with no hidden charges. They include all labour, removal of all debris from site and a 12 month guarantee.
Do you dispose of any debris / rubbish recovered from the gutters?
The first stage of the gutter cleaning process is to remove any obstructions and any debris that has built up in your guttering systems. All waste is removed from your site by us and once we’ve cleaned your guttering we’ll ensure your property is left as we found it – except your guttering will be clean and clear!
Is there any guarnatee for your gutter cleaning service?
Yes we offer a 12 month guarantee on all work.
Are you insured?
Yes we have public liability insurance.
Are you local and which areas do you cover?
Gutter Vac Professional are a local South Birmingham based business covering Wythall, Solihull, Bromsgrove, Droitwich, Redditch and surrounding areas.
Do I need to be at home when you are cleaning my gutters?
Not necessarily because we do not need to access the inside of your home. We are likely to be on site for just a short time and we often carry out work at the same time as providing a quotation if you decide you want to go ahead. Alternatively we can fix a mutually convenient time to return to complete the work.
Do I need to do any preparation or after care?
No preparation is required by you and there’s no after care required other than carrying out regular visual inspections of your guttering systems to check for damage or obvious obstructions or leaks.
Why do I need to get my gutters cleaned?
Keeping your gutters clean means your property is less suseptable to moisture damages to the wood in your fascias and undetected roof leaks which can lead to internal damage. Where gutter drainage is poor and water overflows and collects around the foundations of your property this cause frost heave, damage or cracks to the brickwork and foundations, mould and mildew which can be slippery, soil erosion and damage to trees and garden landscaping. Durng winter months overflow water can freeze causing a hazard for you the homeowner, your family and any visitors.
Can I clean my gutters myself?
Of course you can although the results are not likely to be as good as those achieved with our specialist high-power gutter vacuum system. Cleaning the gutters out yourself will undoubtedly mean you have to get the ladders out and put yourself at risk and also it can be a messy and time consuming job and usually one you don’t tend to get around to!